Aged Care Financial Planning

PrimeAdvisory’s dedicated aged care financial planning services ensure the financial future of your loved ones is in the safest hands. 

We’ve created a detailed aged care financial planning guide, which walks you through our comprehensive, seven-step journey—see graphic below.

The all-inclusive eBook helps to create a smooth transition for those entering an aged care facility.

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PrimeAdvisory Elizabeth Holland Aged Care

Meet Your Dedicated Advisor—Elizabeth Holland

People often care more about their wealth than their health… until they are no longer healthy.”

My name is Liz Holland, and I’m an aged care financial advisor specialist with PrimeAdvisory. 

I was a registered nurse for 20 years before becoming a financial planner, where I’ve spent the past two decades helping a diverse portfolio of clients manage their money.

Now, I’m keen to embrace the latest chapter in my career that combines two great passions of mine.

To me, aged care financial planning should focus on two simple things: 

  • Ensuring you have adequate cash flow to live comfortably, no matter where you reside; and
  • Achieving the best possible estate outcomes.

Aged care can be complex—so let me help you simplify it.


Do You Know the Cost of Aged Care?

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The Seven-step Journey of Aged Care Financial Planning

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